Cover Wars: Linked vs Cruel Beauty

Cover Wars is a weekly feature of two different covers in a sort of battle. Whichever cover wins the more votes in the week will win the battle and move on to next week where it will face a new cover. It's a fun feature with the point being to highlight some great covers for upcoming or recent titles, and also to discuss what is liked in a cover.

Last week, Ashes and Ice lost to Cruel Beauty in a very lopsided battle. I said it was a classic battle of blue and red, and it seemed that red won. This week, Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge is up against Imogen Howsen's newly released book, Linked.

Both covers have this sort of warped feel to them. Cruel Beauty is of a staircase rose, and Linked features a picture of a girl that's been distorted and changed which gives it a very fascinating effect. I think the font is fascinating because it contrasts very well with the covers. Cruel Beauty has a sort of modern feel, what with the gray and high contrast, yet the font is curly and decorative. Linked's colour scheme feels more vintage, but the font is simplistic and modern.

They're both obviously very pretty covers. Only one will win and move on to next week. Vote now for your favourite!

Which cover should win Cover Wars?

Let the cover wars begin!



  1. Yay-looks like Cruel Beauty is going for its next victory!

    1. I'm really surprised with the turn out. We thought that Linked might prove a strong competitor but people really like Cruel Beauty :)



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