My Blogging BFFs (Day 3 of 15 Day Book Blogger Challenge)

Day 3 of April from Good Books and Good Wine's awesome challenge. More info here.

Day 1 was about listing my 15 bookish confessions.
Day 2 was about my bedtime reading ritual.

Day 3 is about blogging BFFs.

The most obvious choice in the world is Mari. We run the blog together and she's helped me get back into blogging. She's a great blogger and complements my style of longish, discussions or reviews with her more fun posts. Now that I've been blogging with her I don't want to go back. She helps do all the formatting that I absolutely hate. We have pretty good communication in terms of books and how to manage this blog and I love it.

We bonded over books when we finally decided to talk to each other in math class this year. I realized we had some very similar tastes, even if she prefers Dimitri when everyone knows Adrian is the best. We also share a love for The Vampire Diaries and The Game of Thrones. Our tastes aren't exactly similar. Mari ends up reading much more contemporary than I do and we do disagree on some types of books. It's fun though because she's usually one of the first people I discuss a book with.

Another friend I consider a blogging BFF is Eden from Pass the Chiclets. We both volunteered to be the teen bloggers for our city's library and after we met up to cover a few author events, we became pretty good online friends. I've even seen her around other, non book related events too. Eden is an amazing writer and her reviews are always thoughtful. Again, we don't have the same taste, but I always value her opinion on any given book. She's really nice too and I love our Twitter convos.

These two girls are awesome and this is as mushy as you'll ever see me be. Books themselves enhance my life, but the relationships formed because of a mutual love of reading are equally, if not more, valuable to me. Who are your blogging or even book BFFs?



  1. Oh I totally vote with Mari! Dimitri is my top book boyfriend! EEE!!! But I do love Adrian too--just not for Rose obvs.

    Day 3
    Sandy @ Somewhere Only We Know

    1. Oh no... you're one of them! Haha at least I have Bloodlines to continue getting an Adrian fix.

      Thanks for visiting!



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