The Weekly Progress: ONE IN A MINION!!

The Weekly Progress is a fun little rambly wrap up post usually written by me. And when I say rambly, I mean it. I'm in such a good mood right now which means this post should turn out um, interesting. Enjoy!

I'm a failure

*hides* I didn't finish any books this week! See the book I'm reading had a dull start so I've been procrastinating. It has gotten better since, but it's for review so I have to read it pretty carefully so I can write a decent review. I'm about halfway done. 

So, uh, it looks like there are no books to speak of on my side. I'll just post some of the blog links that feature books, and then we'll get to the rest of this post, where there be MINIONS!


It started off well, with a review of The Scorpio Races. I read this book a while ago and I decided to post the review earlier than normal because I had a guest feature post on Eden's blog, Pass the Chiclets saying this was the book I recommend for the summer. Yeah, you'll have to read the post to realize why I picked The Scorpio Races of all books.

I continued on with the 15 Day Book Blogger Challenge with posts about the ultimate tearjerker, my acquisition process for books, my blogging quirks, what I like about other blogs, and lastly why I even blog about books.

Then, I reviewed a previous Cover Wars winner from my old blog, Kat Zhang's What's Left of Me. A fun read, although I'm looking for more in the sequel. 

Mari ended off with a pretty cool post about books that scare her, either due to hype, length, anything.

At least the blog had a pretty great week. Thanks for visiting guys!

Now for the fun stuff!

My week

First, I finally caught up on The Game of Thrones and I think my jaw dropped the entire time during the Red Wedding. No words. I think it scarred me a little. I'm trying to find another show to watch now. I may catch up on Supernatural. I tried The Walking Dead but it didn't interest me enough. I think I'll try Rome or Spartacus. Any other epic stories I should check out?

I also did some volunteering (in the rain... got lost on the way...) but the focus this week is all about minions. MINIONS. I saw Despicable Me 2 with the family and my sister and I are totally into these yellow little things. The movie was funny and imo, they were the best part. I'm dying to see the full minion movie. I've watched countless YouTube videos since

Cool links around the Web


Telus has a Tumblr about cell phone etiquette with plenty of cool stuff about it. Keep it in your pants! 

And this video of minions' banana song. BANANAAAA!

Have an awesome week everybody!



  1. You're definitely not a failure for not reading anything in the past week-sometimes that happens. Hopefully you'll pick up a great book that grips you soon!

    1. Ha, I know. I need to read more though! Thanks for the well wishes.



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