Day 12: How to Fight Blogger Fatigue

Day 12 of April's awesome challenge. 


Day 12's topic asks about how I fight blogging fatigue. 

I'm lucky to have a coblogger, so when I get tired of blogging there is still great content. Even when I'm not blogging, I'm reading and reviewing and if I don't want to blog, sometimes I'll just post reviews I've written before hand (there's quite a number of them) and Mari can help with formatting them, then they're posted. 

That's a super lame answer because that's how I deal with blogging fatigue, but not how to fight it. Challenges like this are good. I get a topic and I write about it. I also end up visiting a few blogs, which is always refreshing. 

I also tend to change things up a bit. Whether it's writing a blog post that's different from what I usually write, or changing the blog layout in some way, I always feel as a blogger you have to be excited about what you're doing, and I get excited when I do "new" things. 

I've also said this before, but personally, getting "for-review" books can be detrimental for my blogging. So much of my personality and posts is spontaneous that it stresses me out to have to read something by a certain time. I prefer reading my own books and writing opinions that way. 

The other thing that helped me write reviews when I was having difficulty getting back into blogging was going on Goodreads, and writing a Goodreads review. On Goodreads, you can be a little less professional and since the format is virtually the same for everyone, you can focus on writing creative, funny reviews. I tried that and loved it. Whether it be mini-reviews which feature only a few lines of text with awful grammar, or a review more on the snarky side, Goodreads is a bit of a haven when I'm tired of blogging. 

If I'm tired of reading, I don't read. I watch TV, I watch hockey, I go bike riding, I volunteer, I just get away from it. I never force myself to do anything because this isn't a job. This is a hobby and I will do it to have fun. The second this stops becoming fun, I'll stop. 

I firmly believe every thing  I do should cause me more joy and happiness than pain, and if it doesn't, I'm not doing it. You never want to end up like this chick. 

How do you fight blogging fatigue?


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  1. I've tried taking breaks to fight blogger fatigue, which I'm really feeling for the first time this year (it's been on and off across 2013). I find it helpful to host giveaways (um, because it makes your stats go up) and to cut back on the blogging. Sometimes you just need to stop and reassess if it's still fun!


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