Day 14: Deal Breakers

Second last day of April's Challenge!

Day 12 was about how to fight blogging fatigue.
Day 13 was about the most under-appreciated book, imo.

Today, Day 14 deals with deal breakers & stuff that will turn me off on a book. This should be fun...

  • Cover. Yeah, I know, "don't judge a book by its cover." But what if the cover for a book doesn't look like it's my type of read? Covers don't necessarily need to be stunning, but they do have to indicate that this is the sort of book that I would read. They say a little about the mood and audience, so I need to fit into that before picking up a book.
  • Author. If it's an author who offended me as a reader in any way, say, by killing one of my favourite characters brutally,  then I lost trust in them and no matter how cool their new book looks, I won't read it. There are some authors I avoid just because they don't fit in my reading style. 
  • Too much righteousness by the main character. I absolutely hate with a fiery passion reading a book with a main character that's alone with no friends and whines about being lonely, but then they go and insult every single group of people at their school. Like, cheerleaders? They must be idiots. Sports are for stupid people. Or everyone else in the world is such an idiot compared to them. This can turn me off a book very fast because I will roll my eyes and disregard anything the main character does. 
  • Unbelievable HEAs. Are you kidding me? After all the crap they go through, they STILL get a HEA? What? Sometimes, the way things work out is too perfect. For a while, I was wondering why, when the character is hanging off a cliff, why can't they just fall off? Then the story can continue on another character's POV. Ofc, being the absolute contrary person that I am, I am mentally scarred by certain events, like GOT's Red Wedding.
I thought I would have more. I kept adding bullet points, but then I would think of a case where I didn't mind the "deal breaker" and I had to delete it. It's almost impossible to get me to say an absolute. 

I'll turn the mic to you. What do you consider a deal breaker?



  1. I used to be that way about specific authors but now I try to just judge the book. Unless they were involved in some kind of drama, then I usually just stay away. I so agree about the cover, which is really sad. But hey, they are your first impression!

    1. I feel like there are so many awesome books in the world that I'll never get to, so this is my way of giving them a shot rather than the more established author. And, I'm also a little petty & way too into the characters I adore.

      - P.E.

  2. I can get past the cover IF trusted blogging friends reassure me that the contents are great but it is hard. I like pretty books!

    1. Yeah, me too. It's how I initially found Melina Marchetta. I wasn't interested in the covers of her books, but I heard they were amazing. Turned out pretty good for me :p



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