Day 10: What Comes Next

I'm now two thirds of the way done the 15 Day Book Blogger Challenge! It's taking me much longer than 15 days, but I'm so close to finishing!


And, today is Day 10, so I'll be writing about how I pick what book to read next.

It's not a particularly sophisticated process. It usually ends up being the next due library book, then a book for review, then I can read whatever I want. With "for-review" books, I'm very fair. Whatever I receive first gets reviewed first. Although, paper always take precedence over ebooks. It's simply easier for me to finish a "hard" copy of a book.

If I have a bunch of library books and I have to pick which to read first, I'm the type that saves the best for last so I'll read what I hope to be the best books last. It's also a little motivation to hurry up and read. Recently I've also tried to mix different genres together. Reading two dystopias back-to-back isn't a good idea because I compare them too much to one another or I notice things I wouldn't have noticed if I didn't know the genre too well.

Even when I select books to acquire I like to take different genres. Some thrillers, maybe one contemporary, some PNR, and some fantasy is what I like.

How about you? Are you a "best-for-last" person or do you read the books you're excited for right away?



  1. All us book bloggers really don't have much of a choice when it comes to picking our next reads (unless you want to risk messing up your review schedule)! I'm the exact same as you: I always go for the book whose release date is the closest, so I can type up my review on time. It's also infinitely easier for me to read physical copies rather than digital ones! I realize I tend to read faster that way, too. Review books aside though, my method of choosing my next read is WEIRD. I go to my bookshelf and just stare at the books for an extremely long amount of time, and then randomly pick a book. Strange, right?

    1. Definitely strange but kinda cool too. When I was younger, I would do eeny meenie miny moe to figure out which book to read next, then I would stack them all up. Everyone has their own process.


  2. I am very scheduled but I give myself some flexibility-of the next 6 books I'll read, I'll maybe read them BACEFD (if I was planning to review them ABCDEF). I also like to vary between hard copy and e-copy. I do not save what I think will be best for last-I want to read it as soon as I can!


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